What sort of problem is an atrial flutter?

Less common than AF. Atrial fluter less common than atrial fibrillation, and is often a indcator of future atrial fibrillation onset. You may not notice them, or you may feel a flutering in your chest. Atrial flutter can be caused by scarring in the heart resulting from prior cardiac disease or heart surgery, but it can also occur in some patients with no other identifiable heart problems.
Atrial flutter. A fl is a pathologic rhythm in which the atria beat at approx 300 times a minute and transmit these impulses to the ventricles in a ratio which is variable but often tends to be 2:1 resulting in a heart rhythm of about 150 bpm. Treatment is individualized but usually includes anticoagulation and restoration of normal conduction.

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What do you recommend for atrial flutter?

Cardioversion. This is the standard of treatment and it is a quick and easy, noninvasive outpatient procedure. Read more...
Conversion. Atrial flutter, unlike atrial fibrillation, most often results in the atria beating at about 300 BPM with the ventricles beating at about 150. This rapid rate is annoying, difficult to slow with medication, and is best treated by converting the rhythm to normal (or to atrial fibrillation). This requires blood thinning and then special meds plus electrical cardioversion if the meds alone fail. Read more...