What sort of problem is an air embolism?

Air emolism. This is serious. Is common in scuba divers diving deeper than 60 feet. Basically you blood which is liquid becomes bubbelish (like when you open a soda can) causing lack of oxygen to your brain. It can kill you instanly.

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Can sex through the vagina cause a air embolism, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and scared to have sex with my partner incase of problems occuring?

If that happens... If that were to happen, we would be hearing about it 24 hours a day on the news channels. Fortunately, that does not happen in real life. That being said, the answer to a "Can something happen" question is usually yes, because so many things are possible in life, even if they never happen in real life. The real question should be, "How likely is it to happen?" Read more...