What sort of problem is acute respiratory distress syndrome (a.R.D.S.)?

Fluid in lungs. ARDS ( first called da nang lung as it was seen in the wounded in the vietnam war) is seen with many kinds of injuries to the lung either direct like pneumonia, or indirect like traumatic injury). Inflammation starting in the lung or elsewhere causes the lung to become fluid filled, stiff and leads to respiratory failure. Treatment is mechanical ventilator support and treatment underlying cause.
ARDS. Bad disease a lot of patients die from it , about 40 bad disease! a lot of patients die from it, about 40%. Detailed management is crucial.
Emergency. ARDS is a general term for acute respiratory failure in which the capillaries in the lungs leak causing the air spaces to fill with fluid. There are many causes. Treatment requires supplemental oxygen and a search for the underlying cause. Mechanical ventilation with a "breathing machine" temporarily is necessary in many cases.
A lung reaction. ARDS is an inflammatory reaction in the lungs from a number of things, including infections such as pneumonia, or from inflammation of the pancreas, or other infections in the body. Many times patients with ARDS require ventilators for a time. Many times, patients will recover fully, but some can end up with scarring in the lungs.