What sort of problem is acromegaly?

Excess growth hormon. It is caused by a pituitary tumor that produces growth hormone. In children, it causes gigantism, but when it happens after growth has stopped, it causes acromegaly. There can be enlargement if the jaw and forehead. It can cause high blood pressure, joint pain, skin tags, excess sweating, a goiter. It increases the risk of certain cancers. It is generally treated with surgery.
Pituitary. Pituitary tumor causing exce3ssive growthhormone production after bones have fused (no more linear growth). When younger, can cause gigantism. Can increase diabetes, lipids, bone problems. Can present with headache, visual symptoms (tumor can press on optic nerves), joint pain, increased glove or hat size, dental problems, symptoms of diabetes. Can shorten life, get dx, get rx-usually surgical.