What sort of problem is acidosis of the blood?

Let's get specific. In the absence of obvious disease / poisoning, perhaps you have been told you have metabolic acidosis (complicates a host of illnesses and especially some of the diabetes / metabolic syndrome pills) or renal tubular acidosis (mild-to-serious problem handling bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate).) some charlatans diagnose "blood acidosis" without basis.
Resp or metabolic. Acidosis, means the blood's pH is lower than normal. Sometimes this is serious other times not. It is due to either a respiratory problem, not getting rid of carbon dioxide, or an imbalance in the bodies chemicals which can be from many problems.
May be normal or not. Acidosis is either too much acid ingested or made by the body cells, or a loss of bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate), (sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate)) which is made by the kidneys to balance the usual acid from digestion. "acidosis" can result from too much acid in the bloodstream or too little bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) produced by the kidney, which often occurs in kidney insufficiency or disease. Blood and/or urine tests can often distinguish the cause.