What sort of disorder is frostbite?

Ice Burn. Frostbite occurs due to extreme cold temperature such that the skin and possibly deeper tissues freeze, are damaged, and potentially die. If the tissues die, an open wound may be the result or possibly an amputation of the affected part (such as a finger or toe).
Tissue death. Frostbite is a condition that is caused by varying degrees of cold exposure to the body. The injury worsens as circulation of blood and oxygen is hindered to the frozen tissue and tissue death ensues. Once the injury is irreversible, amputation or removal of the dead tissue is necessary.
Cell Death. Frost bite is a condition where the tissue freezes. This causes ice crystals within the cells which ruptures the cells causing death of the tissue. It ranges from very mild to very severe. In severe cases amputation might be required. Initial treatment is rapid rewarming of the involved extremity.
Frostbite. Frostbite is a condition in which prolonged exposure to the cold, may produce damage to the tissues and specifically the blood vessels. If this occurs it is best to have controlled and slow rewarming of the effected body part with luke warm water. Rapid rewarming is not advised.