Complications led to a previous c-section, is it dangerous to attempt a vaginal delivery for my new pregnancy?

Maybe...depends... You are at higher risk when you have an old incision on the uterus whether it be from prior removal of a fibroid or a c-section. The fear is that it may open up causing uterine rupture. With that said, the risk of uterine rupture depends on the location and number of the previous old incision(s). At the same time, there are risks to repeat c-sections as well. Discuss all options with your md.
VBAC is usually safe. Vbac, or vaginal birth after c-section is usually a reasonable alternative to repeat c-section. There is approximately a 1% chance of a serious complication, and about a 75% likelihood of successful vaginal delivery. C-sections are quite safe, but the risk increases with each one. There are some patients who should not attempt a vbac, and your provider can help to weigh the risks and benefits.

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Who can have a vaginal delivery after a previous c-section?

VBAC Candidate. Any patient who has a good chance to deliver vaginally (no previa, prior vag del, nl transverse scar, etc) is a good candidate. But, you need to labor in a facility equipped to perform emergent c-sections in case of dehiscence or rupture of the uterus.Your OB can tell you if you're a good candidate, keep you safe in labor, & have the ability to perform a quick "vaginal bypass" if needed. Good luck. Read more...

Is it possible to have a vaginal delivery after a previous c-section?

VBAC. It is and is often a great option! there are limitations and various reasons why a vaginal birth after c/s would be dangerous. If you are interested in vbac then you should share your desire with your provider to see if you are a candidate. Read more...