What sort of disorder is end-stage renal disease (e.R.S.D.)?

Dialysis /Transplant. Ersd/kidney failure means most of kidney function has been lost + that subject will die unless they undergo dialysis or receive a kidney transplant. Means that kidney/s are unable to remove the nitrogenous waste products produced by your body produced by metabolising ingested protein + spent muscle. Esrd also defined as inadequate function to sustain lif or < 15 ml/min. Glomerular filtration rate.
ESRD. End stage renal disease is the worst severe disease of the function of the kidney and when pts need either a transplant or dialysis to survive. It is measured as creatinine clearence of less than 15, usually the BUN ( uremic nitrogen) is around 100 and creatinine may be around 4.0 pt may have symptoms like nausea and vomiting, generalized itching, tremors or specific tremor called asterixis.
Esrd. It means your GFR (renal function) is less than 15 (normal is >90. 60-90 is borderline. <60 is renal insufficieny) . Esrd is basically to the point you will need dialysis.