What sort of disorder is compression neuropathy?

Pinched Nerve. A compressive neuropathy is a condition when i nerve in the arms or legs have pressure on them. The most common is carpal tunnel syndrome. Depending upon the severity they can be treated with splinting, injections of cortisone, physical therapy and sometimes surgery.
Pinching. A nerve can get pinched or entrapped in many places causing co pression of the nerve resulting in numbness, weakness and pain. For example a spinal merve can get pinched in the neck, at the elbow, or at the wrist. All these can present as hand pain.
A nerve disorder... ... In which a nerve is "entrapped" or "compressed, " usually at a well documented anatomic location. This most commonly occurs at the wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome), the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome), the forearm (radial tunnel syndrome) and the foot (tarsal tunnel syndrome). Compression causes disturbances in blood flow and nutrition to the nerve. Symptoms: numbness, tingling and weakness.