What sort of disorder is colic?

Colic. Colic is abdominal pain, usually caused by gas. In infant, it occurs quite freuently between the ages of 2 weeks and 2 months.
Unexplained crying. The research description uses a rule of 3's. 3hrs of unexplained crying at least 3hrs/day in the 1st 3 months.By definition it is not due to illess or defect. Brazleton set standards in the 70's for nl crying frequency peaking @ 6wks. Often attributed to tummy pain there is no proof, though many get gassy if they cry that much. It often disappears as baby begins to roll over & entertain themself.
Fixable. Colic is uncontrolled fussiness in an infant for hours at a time frequently thru the day. It refers to a behavior. Many say there is no cure, but i believe that colic is caused by something, such as gas, formula intolerance, or acid reflux disease. Careful investigation usually discovers the cause , which allows for a fix.

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What sort of disorder is pediatric colic?

Pediatrci colic. Colic is a poorly understood disorder of the infants who cry incosolably usually in the evening hours and start aftrer a few weeks of birth. The baby seems to be crying from an abdominal pain as the abd. Muscles are tense. Pediatricians try anti gas meds, sometimes, gently rocking the baby works. Sometimes taking them for a ride in the car helps. Read more...
Severe crying. Colic is defined as crying for extended periods/several hours of time and is typically starts at 3 weeks old and tends to resolve itself by 3 months old. The baby appears to be having abdominal pain during these episodes. There are many supportive treatments that may be used (chamomile tea, Mylicon, warm compresses on belly, baby massaging to promote gas passage) & the treatment varies by case. Read more...