What sort of disorder is an essential tremor?

Tremor. Essential tremor: is a tremor at rest. Usually on both side involving the hands, wrists, lower extremity, head, or voice. Tend to be familiar. Propranolol (inderal) may help.
Essential tremor. ET is a condition that causes involuntary movement. It may affect the head or the hands, in most cases. It may affect family members. Many cases are benign, and sometimes not noticeable to people who have this. Some cases are resistant to medical treatment. A deep brain stimulator is sometimes helpful. Http://www. Neurocuro. Com/essential-tremor/
Movement disorder. Essential tremor is an involuntary movement disorder. It is an action tremor which means when one is doing something the tremor worsens as opposed to when the muscle is at rest. The most common locations are the arms and the neck. Oftentimes it affects both arms (vs. Early parkinson disease which is usually markedly asymmetrical. About 50% of patients receive significant benefit from alcohol.

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I have read some scary stuff about people with essential tremor having cerebellum disease. My tremor is worsening. Will gabapentin help?

No, maybe. Essential tremor is different from intention tremor (the tremor associated with cerebellar disease). Gabapentin is one of several medications that can help, but none of them are fantastic. Gabapentin has some of the least side effects, but traditionally Propranolol and Primidone have been 1st line - due to a perceived greater response.
Essential tremo. It is important to see a neurologist for evaluation. And advise.

I suffer from moderate depression and benign essential tremor and want to undergo brain scans to determine brain disease. Should I and which ones?

Go to your doc. Tests are very rarely abnormal and are usually unnecessary, Your primary doc should do a compete regualar and neurologic exam and refer you to a neurologist if he finds anything. MRI of the Brain with and without contrast are the most common, but without a definite need you'll be wasting money and time.
Doubt helpfulll. With both of these conditions, MRI and other brain scan studies are usually normal. These are clinical diagnosis, meaning that we make the diagnosis based on history and exam. No markers for these condtions.