What sort of disorder is a future stem cell treatable condition?

Stem Cells. Every day there are new diseases help with stem cells. In ga we have keyon's law to inform patients about stem cell donation and banking. Keyon had sickle cell disease and was cured with the stem cell transplant. It is use to treat cancers, CP etc. The cord blood cells are powerful and can be transfused into the a patient and they seem to know where to go to fix diseases.
Many. Though stem cells currently are experimental many diseases, and even kinds or diseases might be treated this was. These include mostly diseases where new cells are needed, including heart disease, neuromuscular disease, and may take the place of many transplants.
Usually cancer. Some cancers can be treated by chemotherapy that could wipe out the bone marrow. Stem cells would then be needed to replace those lost. Some blood cancers (leukemia) and other cancers like breast cancer may be amenable to treatment with stem cell replacement therapy.