Can you tear something from a cortisone shot in the knee?

Maybe. Esp if someone over does it too much right after the shot then damage could occur not from the shot alone but from the increased activity while the pain is blunted by the local anesthetic usually administered along with the cortisone you should disc this with your doctor.

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I had a cortisone shot in the knee but it only worked for 1 day. Does this mean that it tested positive for something wrong in the knee?

Individual responses. Not everyone responds to intr-articulate cortisteroid injections, and there is no reliable predictor as to who will or won't get relief. The provider who performed the injection can give you information concerning any testing he/she may have performed on the joint fluid, were any withdrawn. Ice the knee regularly three or four times/day and call your provider. Best to you!

How long does a single cortisone shot in the knee stay in one's system? Longer than a week? Once it has dissolved, does your body act normally again?

NoLong-TermProblems. First, the term"cortisone"could mean exactly that or, more likely, another form of it, probably more potent. So it depends on that but also, what's called the "clinical benefit"to you, not just the supposed"half life."I know a few people in whom it"helped"for several months. But who knows, there's lots of variables. But if you want a simple answer, a steroid injection into a joint"should" last 4-8 weeks.

Can it take over a wk 4 a cortisone shot in the knee to work? I had 1 done a wk ago. I still have pain on the lateral side of knee when walking&bending.

Cortisone Take time. The medication fights inflammation. The more you had the slower it works. Keep taking chondroitin and wait another week. Cannot have another shot for at least a month and why repeat something that didn't work. Try hyaluronic acid or PRP next time. Delay surgery. Chondroitin is slow~ 2months to work.

How long after getting a cortisone shot should it start working because I got a shot in the knee yesterday and it isn't touching the pain?

Cortisone shot time. Most doctors will inject with both cortisone and a numbing medicine (like novicaine that the dentist uses). This may help remove the pain almost immediately. The cortisone can take several days to "kick in" and often can last as long as 6 weeks or longer. Depends alot on why and where the shot was placed and of course, the initial diagnosis.
Needs new evaluation. If shot did not resolve pain, the issue is more complex or the wrong area was injected or the cause was not addressed.