What sort of disease is chronic high blood pressure?

Insidious. Chronic uncontrolled high blood pressure may produce no symptoms until a heart attack, stroke, heart failure, dementia, peripheral arterial disease, or kidney failure appear. Lifestyle and pharmacologic therapies are very effective in controlling the BP and the commensurate reduction in risk. See your doctor.
Genetic plus diet. Genetics plus age plus diet plus inactivity plus obesity or any combination of these.

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What disease causes a woman miscarries due to high blood pressure?

Eclampsia. Severe pregnancy associated high blood pressure is called eclampsia, hypertensive disorder of pregnancy or toxemia of pregnancy. Regular medical care during pregnancy and through the delivery and post-delivery period can help prevent adverse outcomes.

Does having high blood pressure make you more prone to degenerative disc disease?

NO. Hypertension (high blood pressure) has many deleterious effects, mainly on the heart and blood vessels, and thus can also affect the brain and spinal cord, but does not have a role in causing disc disease or other spine degenerative disease.

My father died of complications with high blood pressure, will I get this disease too?

You can stay healthy. Patients with a family history are more likely to develop high blood pressure. The key is to keep tabs on your blood pressure and to get treatment early if needed to prevent complications. Lifestyle factors, like exercise and a low salt diet, are important in preventing or delaying onset of high blood pressure. Patients with a tendency toward higher bps are not condemned to have complications.
Very common issue. The frequency of high blood pressure is quite common in the population & by 50 about 50% will need to deal with the problem. Everyone should be aware that this can come on without any specific signs or symptoms. Regular checkups or simple screenings at a store kiosk may alert you to it's arrival. I would plan my life around expecting it by 50 & having access to the care needed to keep it under contro.

Do you know is high blood pressure heart disease?

Heart disease. This depends on your individual risks. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease. Diet and exercise can lower high blood pressure, but this can take awhile. Medications also work. You should talk with your doctor.

Can you tell me is high blood pressure a heart disease?

Its a risk factor. Its one of the risk factors and if left untreated can cause hypertensiive heart disease. As well.