What sort of disease is cervical spine stenosis?

Narrowing. Stenosis is a condition where the tube inside the spine, the canal, is narrowed and potentially pinching on the spinal cord and/or spinal nerves. It can cause pain, weakness or numbness. It can be a problem from birth (congenital) or due to aging, injury or disease.
Cervical Stenosis. Normal aging of the spine with loss of spinal disc height and thickening of the ligaments that line the spinal canal contribute to the development of spinal stenosis. This gradual narrowing of the spinal canal can result in painless numbness and weakness in the hands and stiffness/spasticity of the lower extremities.
Degenerative common. Everybody settles in their spine as they get older we all are born with a different amount of extra room around our nerves with time amd settlimg ths spacing between boes decrease and discs bulge ligaments thicken crowd merves and cause reffered symptoms of pain stenosis, means narowing of canals meant for nerves cervical refers to neck some peopleareborn withtighht canals congital stenosis.