What sort of disease is a cataract?

Various causes. But typically an age-related clouding of the lens which slowly decreases vision but is reversible after replacing with a clear lens. Is very common and develops in everyone eventually but only recommend removal if visually significant.
Natural. I would call it a natural disease, if i had to call it a disease. Its a natural process where your lens of your eye opacify over time. Time varies for everyone. There are some babies that are born with it, and those would be more in line with a disease. There is a 98 year that i'm doing surgery next week, because he wants to start working again--he's had good use of his lens for almost 100yrs.
Clouding of lens. We all get changes in the light transmission of our natural lenses as we age, and some people are born with cloudy lenses in their eyes. Most of the time, if you do not smoke, and wear uv eye protection, you will not have surgically significant cataracts until age 75-80.
Cloudy lens. The lens inside the eye becomes cloudy as we age, and eventually this is clinically noticable as a cataract. There are many types and causes, and diabetes can cause cataracts to appear in younger patients. Trauma to the eyes can also result in cataracts.
Not a disease, just. Cataracts (a white lens change): most often due to/made worse by (most common first): aging, genetics predisposition, excessive sun exposure, smoking, diabetes, steroid medication, previous trauma, inflammation, infection in the eye causing inflammation; previous intraocular eye surgery; other genetic conditions; can be congenital; due to protein change in lens; more info: eyedoc2020@blogspot.com.
Cataract. Cataract is when the natural lens inside the eye becomes cloudy or opaque. Treatment is indicated if it is affecting your ability to see and perform normal activities of daily living. The clouding usually starts in the late 50's and surgery is usually indicated in the late 60's - 70 years of age.

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What sort of disease is a congenital cataract?

Born with it. In rare circumstances, infants are born with cataracts and the causes are varied. It can be a genetic problem with eye development, or due to some exposure to various medications in the womb. This is a very serious condition and needs prompt attention from a pediatric ophthalmologist who can advise and treat. Read more...
Congenital. When the lens (which is usually clear at birth) is cloudy (all or part). Read more...