Can you please describe the diffrence in testicular cancer and epidermal cysts lumps?

Pathology & location. Testicular cancer occurs when germ cells inside the testis become malignant and grow to form a mass. Epididymal cysts, are outside the testis in the epididymis, and are benign fluid filled bumps. It can sometimes be difficult to tell by self exam, so an exam by an physician is important. Based on this exam, a scrotal ultrasound may be ordered, which will help make the diagnosis.

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I was wondering what are the differences in testicular cancer and epidermal cysts lumps?

Malignant vs benign. Epidermal cysts are benign and can be left alone. Testicular cancer can kill if not treated and is one of the cancers for which available treatments are effective. See this site for info on testicular cancer. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/testicular-cancer/basics/definition/con-20043068.

Please help! I want to know the difference between testicular cancer lumps and epidermal cysts lumps. What's the color, size and location?

Go see a doctor if y. If you have any testicular swelling, you need to go see a doctor, preferably a urologist. You, yourself will not be bale to tell the difference between the above conditions.

How can I distinguish between testicular cancer and cyst?

See your doctor. Testicular lumps can be cancer or benign. You don't want to take a chance of misdiagnosing yourself. Testicular cancer can be extremely aggressive so don't delay. Go see your doctor for a thorough exam. S/he may order an ultrasound to determine if you have a mass inside the testicle, but hopefully it is something benign such as a cyst or varicocele (dilated blood vessels). Good luck!

How do drs distinguish between a cyst and testicular cancer?

Very different. A cyst is a fluid filled thin-walled structure without a solid component or abnormal color flow on doppler. Testicular cancer is solid (though sometimes with cystic spaces in it) that may also show areas of increased blood flow on color doppler ultrasound.