At what maximum rate can high blood pressure be lowered?

Minutes. Critically high blood pressure can be lowered in minutes in an ICU or emergency room setting. With oral medications, the lowering may take days to weeks, or may actually take several months to find proper dosing and medication for you.

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Ok I'm 31 6ft tal n weight 350 I have high blood pressure n this is freaking me out my hart rate is all ways runing low like out 55 r 54 what could?

Blood Pressure Meds. I would bet you are on medication for your blood pressure. If you are not then you are indeed in trouble and need to get to your doctor's office to correct this asap. Read more...

Can high blood pressure be lowered naturally without meds?

Yes but.... Difficult to make a definitive judgement since hypertension is caused by a large variety of factors. In most individuals, high blood pressure is idiopathic meaning that there is no defined cause. In about 7% of patients, high blood pressure can be controlled with diet and exercise. However, hypertension is often progressive and so at some point, medications may be necessary. Read more...