Explain the process called assisted reproduction.?

IUI or IVF. Assisted reproduction means some intervention to assist a couple to conceive. Insemination (iui) is placing the sperm into the uterus around ovulation time. Conception still happens within the body. In vitro fertilization (ivf) takes the eggs out of the woman and are placed with the sperm into a petri dish. They fertilize and grow in the incubator and are transferred to the uterus in a few days.
OI, IUI, IVF. Women normally ovulate one egg per month. We can increase the odds of pregnancy by increasing this 2-4 by using fertility drugs. Similarly, we can increase the number of available sperm by doing an IUI (insemination) and placing millions of sperm in the uterus, versus the hundreds that make it in after intercourse. Finally, in ivf we produce usually 7-14 eggs and fertilize them in the lab.