Explain the problem of calciphylaxis?

Calciphylaxis. Calciphylaxis is a syndrome of vascular calcification, thrombosis and skin necrosis. It is seen almost exclusively in patients with stage 5 chronic kidney disease. It results in chronic non-healing wounds and is usually fatal. Calciphylaxis is a rare but serious disease. See more at: http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/calciphylaxis.
Calciphylaxis. For goodness sake, you did not do anything wrong. We have no idea why some patients develop this syndrome and others not given similar parameters. Just concentrate on working with the renal physician in doing a workup to see if there are correctable chemical abnormalities; and a specialist in wound care that is familiar with calciphylaxis patients (this may require some investigation).
Calcium in vessels. A syndrome related to kidney failure with calcium deposition in blood vessel walls and skin necrosis blood calcium levels are elevated and calcified vessels are seen on leg x-rays. Abnormal function of the parathyroid gland is present due to other things a number of other proteins dealing with bone metabolism appear involved as yet. Careful management of calcium and phosphorus levels.