If you were being diagnosed for aml (acute myeloid leukaemia) what questions would be good to ask a doctor?

Medical urgency. This diagnosis can lead to a rapid deterioration in your health and even death. Treatment is available so you should ask your family doctor (if he discovered the condition) who or where in your neighborhood is the hematologic oncologist that he would recommend. If he does not have a good answer you could call the fred hutchinson cancer center in seattle which pioneered the treatment of aml.

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Can any doc explain why are mv4-11 cells of acute myeloid leukaemia called such?

See below... Mv4-11 is just a code name for a leukemic cell line used in research. The 4-11 part comes from a characteristic genetic abnormality of this cell line, namely a t(4;11) translocation. Read more...

Could you please offer me any therapy (homeopathic or conventional) for a man in his 70's, with acute myeloid leukaemia. Any advise that might help plz?

Limited options but. This type of leukemia(aml) in the elderly folks is difficult to treat yet it can be managed but the patient needs to go to a leukemia specialist. There are some genetic subtypes of AML which can respond better than others. I would seek chemotherapy treatment with a gentle single agent of which there are more than one drugs like azacytidine and decitabine. Read more...