Explain the condition called a birth defect.?

Varies. There are many defects that could be present at the time of birth (genetic, structural, developmental, etc) that would be included in the list of birth defects - that is far too numerous to list here. Essentially anything that is not normal at the time of birth could be a "birth defect".
Defective @ birth. If its wrong at birth its a birth defect. A birth defect can be a : malformation- abnormal tissue formation like a cleft palate; deformation- the shrink wrap effect of pregnancy causing a transient distortion in facial features, leg position, etc.; disruption- a blood clot causes a forearm to lose its blood supply and wither or amnionic bands cause loss of toes.

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I would like to know more information about this birth defect condition I have that is called hemihyperplasia. I have my right limbs much bigger than?

Hemihyperplasia. Used to be called hemihypertrophy. Here is an article that describes hemihyperplasia in greater length than 400 characters. Http://www. Healthline. Com/health/hemihypertrophy-hemihyperplasia#Overview1.

I have a rare heart birth defect called bicuspid aortic disorder. Lately, I have had a ringing sound in my head and a fuzzy kind of feeling in my head. What could it be?

Not so rare. A bicuspid aortic valve is actually the most common form of congenital heart disease! It causes no symptoms for many years but as one ages, often in the 40s or 50s, the valve narrows and may cause chest pain, breathlessness, or passing out. It does not cause your symptoms.
See you physician. Your symptoms should be evaluated in person by your cardiologist. Make an appointment with him/ her as soon as you can.
Not that rare. A bicuspid aortic valve is not an extremely rare disorder. It is present in 2-3 out of every 100 people and would most likely not contribute to the symptoms you are describing. Usually only middle aged and older adults will suffer from the effects of this anomaly and eventually most will require a replacement of their aortic valve. See a cardiologist regularly and especially if you have pain.

Can there be a birth defect in the hypoglossal nerve, which detoriates the brain in later years? If so, what will it be called?

Hypoglossal Nerve. Function can be impacted by prenatal strokes, prenatal infections, some congenital anomalies like Möbius Syndrome or branchial arch cysts, especially infected ones, or post-natal tumor or infection at the base of the brain or neck trauma, any of which can lead to problems with speaking, chewing, or swallowing. Whether it is progressive depends on the cause of the XIIth Cranial Nerve Palsy.

4 weeks pregnant, severe back pain. Waiting for doc to call back. Will taking 2.5mg Vicodin affect baby or cause birth defect?

Vicodin caution. Vicodin contains hydrocodone, which is opioid, like morpheine, oxycodone, dilaudid, hydro morpheine, codeine, etc. They can cross the placenta and change the baby's chemistry. Taken chronically, they can cause opioid dependence in baby. Back pain in preg is usually mechanical. Ligaments and muscles are pushed around. A good osteopath or manually-trained physical therapist can often help.