Describe the features of bronchiolitis.?

Bronchiolitis. Bronchiolitis is wheezing, coughing and congestion in an infant or baby caused by a virus most commonly RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). There is no antibiotic for bronchiolitis. In the case of small infants hospitalization may be necessary. Cough medicines are not very helpful. If the infant's breathing is rapid or labored then they need to be seen by the doctor right away.
More details. I completely agree with dr. Mosoff. Most children and infants also have fever in the 39 c (102 f) range. Rsv is highly contageous and may also cause pneumonia. About half of the children who have bronchiolitis will have asthma when older. The others won't. Here's a cartoon of the RSV virus.
Repeated episodes. Repeated episodes of wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath are diagnosed as bronchiolitis, but it is unusual to develop this infection on a repeated basis. Such episodes could represent asthma. Children with serious RSV infections are more likely to develp asthma.