Describe the features of broken-heart syndrome.?

Broken heart. Broken heart syndrome, also known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, refers to the sudden onset of congestive heart failure triggered by stress (loss of a loved one). Also known as stress cardiomyopathy, treatment is supportive, and the changes to the heart may regress over a period of weeks to months.
Broken heart. Broken heart is a non-medical term for sadness after breakup of a relationship. If severe, it can lead to depression which could require counseling or medications.

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Whats a broken heart syndrome?

Stress. Broken heart syndrome is a temporary heart condition brought on by stressful situations, such as the death of a loved one. People with broken heart syndrome may have sudden chest pain or think they're having a heart attack. These broken heart syndrome symptoms may be brought on by the heart's reaction to a surge of stress hormones.
It's a heart. Condition brought on by stressful situation. Sudden onset of chest pain like a heart attack cause by a surge of stress hormones. Women are more likely than men. Death of a loved one, divorce, break up, betrayal or romantic rejection. A part of your heart enlarged and does not pump well. Must of the times is a short term muscle heart failure. Other name is takotsubo cardiomiopathy.
Stressed heartache. Broken heart syndrome refers to a very stressful situation, such as loss of loved one, and may present as sudden chest pain. It is not a heart attack, but is brought on by a surge of the body's stress hormones, causing the heart to temporarily pump abnormally. Resolves in about a week. However, one cannot presume chest pain during severe stress is this, and a physician must make this determination.
New name - old ache. Originally called takotsubo or "stress" cardiomyopathy. It is caused by a part of the heart reacting to a flood of stress hormones that temporarily enlarges it and weakens the pumping capability. Other parts of the heart compensate for it and it usually self-corrects in about a week. If it is yours, please accept my condolences and wishes for a rapid recovery.
Cardiomyopathy. Broken heart syndrome is a form of stress cardiomyopathy and is technically called takotsubo cardiomyopathy. That means that the heart can actually have problems pumping blood due to weakening of the heart muscle. This can result from emotional stress brought upon by constant anxiety, stress, or loss of a loved one. Although it is rare, it is important to address our mental health at all times.

Could one die from broken heart syndrome?

Stress cardiomyopath. Cortisol weakens the immune system. The autonomic nervous system can become imbalanced. However, the worst problem is the withdrawal from the Dopamine high and the oxytocin high that literally kept you in love with and high on (read addicted to) your love your partner. See a good review at: www. Ehow. Com/how-does_4568002_broken-heart-physically... How does a broken heart physically. .. On a rare occasion deaths have been reported.

Am I possibly dying of broken heart syndrome?

BHS and DEATH. Some time broken heart syndrome can be fatal and you should see your cardiologist and get treated. It is reversible with treatment. So if you suspect or know you have bhs, see your cardiologist asap.

Broken heart syndrome? Is this real? What is it?

Yes. Also called takotsubo's cardiomyopathy, it is a kind of acute weakness of the hearth muscle in which the apex of the heart tends to "balloon" thus making the heart resemble an octopus trap (or tako -tsubo) although associated with significant stressors like death of a loved one, etc. It can be seen in the absence of these. It causes heart failure but may spontaneously improve.

How do you know if you have broken heart syndrome?

ANXIETY BHS. Actually streesfull anxiety which relases harmful stress hormones, so anxiety and stress of death of a loved one or breakup or long term stress I the cause and not affect of bhs. If you suspect you have this syndrome see a cardiologist and he/she can do an exam, ekg, and echocardiogram to make a diagnose.

How rare is broken heart syndrome in 19 year olds?

Rare. Also known as Takastubo heart disease. Named after the abnormal shape of the left ventricle, the shape of the Japanese pot in which to keep an octopus (Takastubo). Most commonly occurs in postmenopausal woman after a severe emotional stress event. May be seen in otherwise normal hearts, or with coronary disease. The heart function usually returns to normal with proper medical treatment.

Could it be broken heart syndrome if sob all the time?

SOB Broken heart. If you have had a sressful condition like death of your loved one or a breakup, that can cause stress cardiomyopathy or apical balooning syndrome. Then your shortness of breath may be result of that. You should see your doctor to find out what is causing sob.

With broken heart syndrome what else should I be looking for?

Take meds, follow up. Broken heart syndrome is more common in women and in diabetics. While most people recover the heart function with time occasional fatalities can occur from arrhythmias and severe heart failure. It is important to be monitored in the hospital in the initial stages, take medications prescribed regularly and have a follow up echo to look for improvement of heart pump function.
Not sure. Broken heart syndrome or transient apical ballooning or takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a usually transient finding where the bottom part of the heart becomes suddenly weak. It often presents with chest pain and mimics a heart attack. Agressive medical therapy is warranted and most people make a full recover.