Describe the features of break-bone (dengue) fever.?

Fever+head+limb pain. Denue fever is increasing world-wide. It is caused by a virus and spread by mosquitoes. Some suffer headache, fever, and extreme body pain (as if your bones are broken). Sometimes the infection can go on to internal bleeding. Treat the symptoms with acetaminophen, rest, and plenty of fluids. A vaccine is in research trials, so for now preventing daytime mosquito bites is only way to prevent it.
High Fever. According to the center for disease control & prevention, dengue fever can present with high fevers (i.e. 104 f) with accompanying symptoms like muscle & joint pain, severe headches, intense pain behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting, swollen glands & rash. Severe dengue can lead to drop in body temperature, bloody gums or vomitus, severe abdominal pain, difficulty breathing & restlessness.