Is there something I can do to receive hyperbaric oxygen treatment?

Do you have an. Indication for hyperbaric oxygen treatment? Hbot has risks involved ; is expensive. You would need referral by a physician and to have a medical indication.
Hyperbaric oxygen. There are several medical indications for hyperbaric oxygen. You should pray that you have none of these conditions. They include scuba diving injuries, diabetic foot infections (severe), radionecrosis of the jaw, just to name a few.
WHAT DIAGNOSIS? Usually in a free standing center or affiliated with a hospital. The referring doctor will direct you to a center. In order for insurance to pay you have a diagnosis that is covered- there are only few. There are single chambers where you go in and breathe 100% oxygen for 90 to 120 min or in a multi place chamber where you sit with a hood over head and 100% oxygen is delivered to many patients.
Hyperbaric Facility. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has limited indications. Have your dr refer you to a hyperbaric facility for an evaluation. If you have the need for treatment, they will get you started. Most treatments take 2 hours and are done monday through friday for usually 40 treatments. Carbon monoxide poisoning is only 3 treatments within 24 hours and is done on an emergency basis.