Describe the features of behcet syndrome.?

Behcet Syndrome. Behcet syndrome is defined as a triad of symptoms: genital ulcers, oral (mouth) ulcers, and inflammation of a part of the eye called the uvea (uveitis). Cause is unknown, and the disease is best managed by a rheumatologist and an ophthalmologist.
Mouth, eyes, GI. This is an autoimmune disease primarily affecting the vascular system feeding epithelial structures such as the lining of the GI tract, especially the mouth, and ocular structures. Mouth and genital sores are prominent. It is chronic, requires serious medical intervention and can cause blindness and signficant GI problems. You will need medical care for years with behcets.

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Can you tell me some info; it may be behcet syndrome?

? about oral sores? Answered before on healthtap, canker sores are common aphthous ulcers of the surface of the mouth that occur situationally, often in response to stressors, are bacterial or viral, & can be treated topically w/many otc products that reduce local discomfort & potentially speed healing. However, a # of systemic diseases cause canker sore-like lesions--crohn's, behcet's, std (sexually transmitted). Read more...