Describe the features of baby bottle tooth decay.?

Early- white spots. Baby bottle tooth decay is more accurately referred to as early childhood caries since children don’t need to be using a bottle to develop tooth decay. The very earliest stages of ecc can appear as white spots on the teeth- often by the gumline. This is demineralized dental enamel. If the demineralization continues under the enamel, the spot will become darker. The enamel can appear intact.
Sugar+germs=erosion. When babies bottle feed, suction keeps a pool of their feed (formula or juice) on the front teeth.Germs in the mouth, live off nutrients in salava & formula/breast milk/juice.As the germs break down the sugars they form acid which dissolves the enamel in the teeth. Babies that sleep with a bottle or cary one all day are distroying their teeth.Caps are often used to protect remnants & hold spaces.
Baby Bottle Decay. The cardinal sign of baby bottle decay is rampant decay over the incisor area of a child's dentition. The reason why this is allow to happen is because nobody is watching. If parent are brushing and flossing their child's teeth every night and every morning, baby bottle caries would be non-existent. It is not like the dirty diaper that screams to be changed. A parent's daily watchful eye is needed.