Describe the features of an anxiety disorder.?

Anxiety. There are several forms of anxiety: generalized, separation, phobias, and stress diorders. If you are speaking about generalized anxiety, hallmark symptoms include intense worry, difficulty relaxing, toruble sitting still, and trouble sleeping.
Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety symptoms can include feeling nervous or irritable, muscle tension (especially in neck, shoulders & back), poor quality or minimal sleep, lack of concentration & easy fatiguability. Lump in throat or butterfly in stomach sensation can occur. Sometimes the worst thing about anxiety is the just not being able to put your finger on the reason that you feel that way. There are various anxiety.
Anxiety Symptoms. For our functioning, we need thinking, feelings, concentration, memory, learning, relationships and work. All of these can be affected by Anxiety. Anxiety Disorder can have • Excessive anxiety and worrying • Difficulty in concentration • Too many thoughts racing • Irritability • Restlessness • Muscle tension • Sleep problem • Waking tired • Fatigue Anxiety is treatable with good results.