What are the workout restrictions if you have an inguinal hernia?

You should. Not do anything that causes discomfort or pain. If you have symptoms, you need to have surgical repair. Restricting your workout is only a temporary solution.

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Hi, I had an open Inguinal hernia repair without mesh ten days ago and I feel ok now. I wanna know when can I back to gym and workout with high strain.

Why? nobody since 1990 will repair a hernia without the screen sorry to be the one that give you the bad news. I know you are in Iran , and they might be doing things differently there. or they might not have the screen because of the economic boycott, but repair the hernia without a screen will increase your chance to have a recurrence from 5-10% to 35-40% go back to regular workout you need 3 months. Read more...

How long can I reasonably wait to have an Inguinal hernia repaired. It's new and still reducible.?

Watchful waiting. for a while, actually. See a surgeon and have it assessed and documented. As long as it does not cause you too much discomfort, it can be monitored. Should it start to be very tender, swollen, red, or you feel nauseous and feverish - get it evaluated right away. Read more...