Describe the disorder called a tear in the food pipe (esophagus).?

Several causes. There can be several causes for a tear. If no history of foreign instrumentation, tears can be caused by vomiting repeatedly causing trauma to the esophagus. Swallowing toxic liquids , reflux, or certain pills getting stuck can cause ulcers as well.
Esophageal tear. Esophageal lesions form a broad chapter. Can be either caused by infections: candida, herpes in immunosupressed people, or after vomiting with a full stomach after eating solid foods.The last one is particulary dangerous because it can lead to complete laceration of the esophagus a life threatening complication.Sometimes acid reflux can cause lesions on esophagus as well.
Perforated Esophagus. To be brief, these days the most common cause of an esophageal tear or perforation is as an accidental occurrence during the performance of upper endoscopies. Small contained tears can be treated non-operatively, however if the tear is large and discovered late it can be life threatening and surgical repair is often accompanied by complications prolonging recovery.