I have red bumps on my legs that hurt and my ankle hurts. What could this be?

Erythema nodosum. This could represent a condition called erythema nodosum which is a reaction to an infection or some other internal problem such as tb, sarcoma, strep infection. See a doctor for an evaluation and treatment.
Insect. Bites, allergic reaction, or other skin disorders. I suggest you see your pcp.
See a physician. There are a multitude of skin diseases and disorders and a complete physical examination with history will better guide the treatment of this.

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I have red bumps on my upper leg. They don't itch or hurt?

Monitor situation. Without seeing your leg it is difficult to determine what if anything this might be. I would say you should continue to monitor the situation. If they start to itch or get bigger than have a physician look at it.

What causes red bumps & itching on legs above the ankle?

Variety of causes. There could be a variety of things which could cause that. Could be the beginning of a bacterial skin infection, fungal skin infection, or a dermatitis.
Hard to say... Need more info to answer. There are several causes for red bumps and itching on the legs.

About a month or 2 ago my legs and ankles started swelling, red bumps, very sore and a week ago started oozing clear fluid?

Leg swelling. These symptoms could be from several different reasons. Any of them need to be evaluated and treated by your doctor. You could have an infection or circulation problem. It could even be a heart or kidney problem. You really should get this checked. Not likely to get better by waiting.
See a doctor. The weeping from the skin might represent lymphatic issues and you want to get the proper care to prevent issues such as scarring or infection. Talk to your doctor about this, and he/she can also determine if it is something else.

I have tons of defined circular, raised red bumps on both legs, between my knees & ankles. They often itch. No new soaps, not razor burn. Advice?

Fungus. I see that you've tried Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and hydrocortisone. The next step is to see your podiatrist. There's a stronger cream that is dual action called Lotrisone that combines antifungal properties with reducing itch and swelling. Fungus travels to the legs when you scratch your feet in an upwards toward the legs. It can also be a drug allergy or reaction to new laundry detergent, sheets, socks, jeans.
Eczema vs. Psoriasis. Raised defined circular red bumps on skin could be a form of psoriasis or a type of eczema. You need to see a dermatologist or podistrist for evaluation and treatment. Your doctor may perform bloodwork on you to see if you have any signs of auto-immune disease and/or they may prescribe oral and/or topical medications to help resolve this skin issue.