Why's it the fact that you can eat fats on a low carb diet?

3 choices. When it comes to food, you only have fat, carbohydrate and protein. You can't eliminate any of the 3 altogether. If you increase or decrease one of the 3, the other 2 have to change as well. Too much or too little of any of the three can cause problems. Try eating a well-balanced diet with fewer calories and more exercise. Stay away from exotic info from friends, tv or the internet.

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Doing a low carb diet, I will use all type of fat to fuel my intense weight training. When should I eat my meat, chicken, etc. Before starting to lift?

Please do not. Eat anything for 1 to 2 hours prior to and after lifting. Your energy (Chinese call it "qi") will be needed for lifting rather than being needed for digestion when lifting. Peace and good health.

Is a low carb diet for insulin resistance/losing weight okay? I'm focusing on protein, healthy fats and, if any, its healthy carbs (I dont eat bread).

YES. I recommend the paleo diet. If you do have carbs Stacy gluten free WholeApproach. Com. Also vitamins to boost ATP production ubiquinol/ribose/carnitine. I recommend rejuvenation-science. Com. Check them out. Gluten free and vegan.

If I eat mostly saturated fat for month (bacon, cream), on a very low carb diet w/ lots of veggies, what should happen to me? Testing blood & weight

Diet changes. This sounds like the very popular Adkins diet. If you maintain this diet and seriously curb carbohydrates, you will likely see a notable weight loss. From a blood testing perspective, I would anticipate an elevation in your total cholesterol and LDL levels which can elevate your cardiac risk long term.

Howmany grams of fat in a low carb diet.?

Depends on... The number of grams of fat one should eat depends on the total number of calories he wants to eat each day, and the percent of calories he wants to be from carbs, fat, and protein. The site http://www. Freedieting. Com/tools/nutrient_calculator. Htm has a calculator. One can enter the total calories, such as 1500, and then the %, such as 20%carb, 40%fat, 40%protein, and get the results in grams/day.

Please suggest what foods can I eat on a low carb diet?

Don't use low-carb. Diet. Check out www. Drmcdougall. Com for information on a healthy diet. He cites lots of research on the benefits of a low-fat, starch-based diet.

Any suggestions on what foods to eat on a low carb diet?

Low carb foods! Generally you want to avoid sugars and starches (grains, potatoes). Do eat non-starchy carbs like vegetables, avocados and berries and have moderate protein foods like beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, cheese, chicken, fish, grass-fed meats etc. Avoid gmo foods ; animals fed gmo foods (thus choose organic meats/eggs). For a detailed essay I've written on diet and health see http://bit. Lygagviu.
Veggies. Veggies are low in carbohydrates- eat to your hearts content. You can have meat, chicken, fish, turkey, milk, dairy and cheese. Eggs are carb free. Nuts are carb free so enjoy. Fruits have some carbs- you can have in moderation.

Please suggest what foods could I eat on a low carb diet?

Avoid simple sugars. Avoid soft drinks, table sugar, bread, pasta, starches, ice cream, anything with high fructose corn syrup. Eat vegetables, salads, beans, whole fruits with low sugar contents, chicken, fish and lean meat. Get in the habit to look at the label and see how much carbohydrates is in (high fructose corn is in ketchup, salad dressings, bread, coated french fries...).