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Is there any side effects to getting used to vitamins or supplements?

7 doctors weighed in
Dr. Ronald Krauser
Internal Medicine - Rheumatology
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In brief: It depends

It depends on the specific supplement.

In brief: It depends

It depends on the specific supplement.
Dr. Ronald Krauser
Dr. Ronald Krauser
Dr. Mark Sibley
I feel that there are more side effects from not getting enough everyday... the body needs so many things to live,function,remain active, and decrease premature aging. If you are not getting enough antioxidants, you are aging prematurely..Wrinkles, Alzheimer's,Macular degeneration,cancers,etc. What are you taking now...
Dr. Peter Nefcy
The human body is a very complex but finely tuned machine over millions of years. We produce oxidants daily and commonly, which are used to stay healthy and remove poorly functioning cells. Ingesting massive quantities of antioxidants is an unproven therapy with no supportive evidence, and may be dangerous. The hypothesis that antioxidants prevents premature aging is fraudulent and dangerous.
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