I have two month old triplets. They are extremely gassy and fussy. They are not constipated. They are on mostly formula with a little breast milk?

Normal. Babies can be gassy/fussy, what we all call colic. As long as they are gaining weight well and do not excessivly vomit or have diarhea, then natural remedies work well. These include warm (not hot) damp clothes on the tummy area, mylicon (over the counter0 drops for gas in babies help dissapate the air bubbles, frequent burping helps also. They will out grow it in a few months.
Should Be No Gas. The gas must come from somewhere. Either the formula is a problem or the mechanic of eating, such as burping techniques, the bottle or nipple, or even how the baby is held may increse tummy gas.A careful investigation should find the cause and improve their fussiness.Do not accept the answer that that is the way the baby is.Not fair to the baby!
The 5 S's help. The following cuddle recipe helps stop excessive crying: swaddle, hold baby on his side, shhhhhh baby for soothing sound, swing, and suck (pacifier), in that order. Refer to excellent book by dr. Harvey karp, "the happiest baby on the block." also has a dvd that demonstrates the technique. It was a savior for me personally.