Will drinking extra water temporarily reduce the pain form a kidney stone?

It might. The idea behind increasing your fluid intake is that it puts more fluid through the ureter, which is where the stone usually gets stuck. With more fluid, the ureter dilates and the stone may pass through more easily. Most of the time, narcotics are necessary to control the pain and may help relax the ureter to get the stone to pass too.
Not sure. But it helps in some cases to push the stones through your gu tract. Ask your urologist.

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How much water should I be drinking with a 2mm kidney stone? In simple terms how many cups should I be drinking through out the day I want this out!

2-3 liters/day. Hydration will help prevent this stone from growing and prevent future stones from forming. Depending on where this 2mm stone is located, hydration may also help it to pass. Size of the stone affects the likelihood of passage. Strain your urine and save the stone. See a urologist.

How much should we drink water to avoid kidney stone?

Given prior history. In a patient with a previous history of kidney stones, the recommendation is to drink enough to void at least 2 liters/day.
See below. Generally you need to pass 2.5 to 3 liters of urine a day, so you need to drink a little more than that, any liquid will do, taking into account loss from sweat depending on climate.
> 2 L of urine/day. Need to have an overall fluid intake to achieve a urine output of at least 2, 000 mls/24 hours. It is dependent on your activity, environment, clothing, . ....... The average soldier in desert storm needed 3-12 gallons of water per day. Travel, especially on an airplane, requires additional fluids: why do you think the flight attendents are always offering you water.