Would a c.Trachomatis amp probe or a n. Gonorrhoeae amp probe detect trichimonasis in a male?

No. Amplification probes are nucleic acid based and very specific for either gonorhrea or chlamydia, and not for trichimonasis. The gold standard for trich is microscopy.
No. These probes are designed to detect chlamydia and gonococci, not trichomonas.
No. The trichomonas has to be seen in the microscope inmediately the samples are taking. Affirm vpiii test is good x candida (yeast) species, gardnerella vaginalis, and trichomonas vaginalis is possible from a single vaginal sample.Genzyme diagnostics' osom trichomonas rapid test is a new point-of-care, antigen-detecting diagnostic test. Elevated vaginal pH may be an indication of trichomoniasis.

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Would a c trachomatis amp probe or a n gonorrhoeae amp probe detect trichomonasis in a male?

No. No, but it would not detect in a female either. Trichomonas vaginalis is a parasite. Chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhea are bacteria. The proper test for trichomoniasis is a wet prep. Read more...
No. That would only detect chlamydia and gonorrhea, respectively. A urethral swab can be done for microscopic exam but still may not catch it even if present. Read more...