Most trusted means of getting rid of a stomach virus?

It will pass. Start with clear liquid like water, soda that is clear, or sports hydration drinks. Sip often to prevent dehydration.Work up to solids with bland foods like bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, gelatin, or chicken. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, dairy & high fat foods. Rest.

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Please I need advice getting rid of stomach virus?

Npo for 24 hrs. Npo for 24 hrs, ice chips only then clear liquids and broth for another36hrs. You should pass the virus. Read more...

Hello doctors, I need help getting rid of stomach virus?

Diet. Start with healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables. But if you are actively having diarrhea and vomiting stick with bland foods and lots of liquids to prevent dehydration. But if it continues you may need to be evaluated by your physician because some cases can be caused by bacteria and require antibiotics. Read more...