How effective is honey as a wound dressing compared to conventional dressings?

Dressings. As dr bolhack explained, fortunately we now have many choices of dressings for the wounds. People used to order wet to dry dressing!?. But that time is far gone. Honey (called medihoney) which is quite pricey too but it has its own place for some wounds.
Honey. There are over four thousand wound care products on the market. None have been shown to be better or worse than another in studies. Antimicrobial dressings have not been shown to be better than similar products without antibiotics. Honey products have been shown to be as affective as other products; they seem to work very well in some patients that other products have not worked at all.
Honey. Honey would not be a very ideal wound dressing since it carries a very small risk of containing botulism spores.