Could you tell me if my partner has/had cervical cancer, am I more likely to get penis cancer?

Not at all,unrelated. Penile cancer is very rare, almost non existent in either circumcised males or in uncircumcised men who can retarct their foreskins 7 clean underneath. Almost every case of penile cancer is associated with a non-retractile foreskin + poor penile hygeine. Even then not related to cancer of cervix in partners. Be happy, u have a willing sex partner & u r off the hook regarding risk of penile cancer.

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I know a certain strain of HPV causes cervical cancer. Is it more likely to get penis cancer if your partner has had cervical cancer?

Not the case. Almost all cases of penile cancer are associated with male being uncircumcised with a tight poreskin (phimosis) preventing adequate penile hygeine. Men do not develop penile cancer from partners who develop cervical cancer. Read more...