What vitamins and supplements can help you to combat fatigue and feel more energetic?

Lifestyle. If you want to feel less fatigued and more energetic, make sure you are eating a balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Make sure you are exercising regularly; you are unlikely to ever feel energetic if you're a couch potato. And get good, restful, and regular sleep. Beyond that, a multivitamin might help a little bit.
Multivitamin. Taking a general multivitamin, such as centrum or one-a-day, or even prenatal or flintstones, would help you feel more energetic. Take one every day, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly and it will help.

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What vitamin supplements should I take for me being lazy, tired, fatigued & sluggish all the time?

No quick fix. Sounds like your diet is full of "junk" in various forms, particularly sugar and sweeteners. Normal vitamin intake comes from natural food and perhaps a multivitamin might help, but only if your diet is good. Read more...
Lifestyle changes MV. You need to change your lifestyle and eating habits first.Make sure you have more fruits,vegetables in your diet and eliminate sugars and cut down on carbohydrate,add nuts,legumes.lean poltry fish.Get at least 7to8 hours of good quality sleep and if you like you can take once a dau MV tablet. Read more...