Does anyone know how to get over an asthma attack without taking any medication?

Risk of dying. I am not sure why you are opposed to asthma medications or taking them, or why you would not want to take medications to get over a flare of asthma. Theophyline in tea is a natural medication for asthma, but its use usually requires monitoring blood levels to avoid toxicity. Inhaled steroids and albuterol are both safe and effective, and generic forms are available if cost is an issue.
Not really. Some asthma exacerbations are self-limiting and thus may resolve on their own. However, if a patient has shortness of breath, cough, wheezing, etc., it is important that treatment be pursued as some asthma exacerbations can be life-threatening and even fatal. Call 911 in order to get the patient treatment as quickly as possible, especially if they are not known to have asthma.