How can a girl with an eating disorder think in the begining stages of an eating disorder?

Trying to be healthy. Often, the development of an ED is insidious. Just trying to eat more healthy, lose a few pounds. Then it kicks in. Eating disorders are pretty easy to reverse when caught early- once they become entrenched it is much more difficult. If you feel it coming on, don't wait. If you think you might be getting one, you are probably getting one.
Early stages. Hi, great question! This is just a typical scenerio! .Femaie or male-usually femaie, feels uncomfortable about weight -mildly overweight, starts a "diet" small amt. Of food per day, loses weight fast, exercising lots too, becomes noticeably thinner, is congratulated for being thin. Feels accomplishment, in control. Loses more, very little food, parents worried, -daughter feels euphoric. More in control.