Is there any way to make the feeling return to breasts after reduction surgery?

Time will tell. Breast reduction surgery has a small risk of loss of sensation to the nipples--sometimes temporary. Any loss or change should come back within a few months of surgery--if not, it is likely permanent.
Be patient. Feeling to the nipple and breast is often diminished immediately after surgery. You just need to give it time. After 6-12 months, you should have a good idea of how much will return.
Time. Only time will help. Most women experience a variable amount of sensory change to breasts after breast reduction. Your body just needs to heal and attempt to re-grow the sensory nerves. There's not much you can do to help it along.
Not teally. Eat a healthy diet and wear supportive bra. Sensation may return slowly or if you're only a few days out it may still return relatively quickly. Also depends on whether there was sensation preop.
No. Return of sensation after brest reduction can take 1 1/2 -2 years. If it is going to happen, it will. If not, it won't. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.
Time. Numbess after breast reduction is relatively common, and standard treatment is just watchful waiting. But this is worth discussing with your surgeon.
Return on sensation. Return of sensation following breast reduction is typically related to the volume of breast tissue removed. If sufficient tissue is resected and the nerves to the nipple are transected, permanent nipple sensitivity may result. However, in most instances improvement and return of sensation will gradually over a 6-9 month period.