Have you heard of a ganglion cyst caused by iv, blood removal, hospital infections or germs? I had one appear after 10 hrs treatment for kidney stone

No . But you certainly could have a hematoma at an IV site or a thrombosis in a vein at an IV site and either might look like a gangloin ganglia are fluid filled sacks coming off of tendon sheaths or joint capsules and are pretty common.
Here's some... Fluid collection after procedures is possibly expected, but will be resolved & disappeared over time. Clinically, ganglion cyst would be very unlikely related with needling injury, which may result in temporary inflammation. More specific details? Ask doc timely.
Depends. A ganglion is a defect in the synovial capsule with leakage of synovial fluid and formation of cyst. It is possible that in the course of starting an intravenous that the needle went deep with the cyst resulting. It is also possible that it is merely a phlebitis vessel that will heal in several months.