I have concretion and not stones in kidney and renal artery..... What are this concretions?

Generally minerals. Assume your doctor is referring to mineral deposits which have precipitated out and gradually formed solid masses lining the urinary collecting system. Have never heard this term used with the renal artery. Consult with your doctor. They should be willing to discuss this with you.

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Is there a medication to dissolve Kidney Stones? I had hip X-RAYS and an Ovoid Renal Stone was found in my Right Kidney.

Unfortunately, not. Hi. No, unfortunately there is not a medicine to dissolve kidney stones. They usually either pass on their own, are broken up with lithotripsy and passed, or taken out manually by a urologist. If you are a repeat stoner, you should be worked up to see if there is a treatable condition leading to your stone formation. They're miserable; prevent making more if you can! Good luck!
No. There is no medication to resolve kidney stone, you should drink a lot of water if stone is small may be help to pass, otherwise you should see nephrology for procedure to remove the stone.

I was told that I have concretion in my kidney and renal artery but no crystals were found in urine..... Is is possible? If not then what was seen in

Yes. The concretions (calcification) in the flesh of the kidney is different than regular kidney stones which are in the drainage system of the kidney. Therefore you will not expect to see crystals in the urine in the former condition.

I have concretion in my right kidney and renal artery. Can this cause pain in hip, back, sides and urinary bladder?

Yes it can. To alleviate pain, u may take otc tylenol (acetaminophen) or nsaids/ Motrin, aleve etc. Drink lots of water with cranberry juice. Get checked for urinary tract infection. Hope u feel better soon!
Kidney stones. Yes kidney stones can cause that kind of pain.

I was diagonsed with kidney stones. I feel a knot in my vaginal area. Could this be a kidney stone?

Not likely but, It's unlikely this is a kidney stone. First it'd interfere with urination. Second, you'd have tremendous pain associated with a kidney stone here. Third, these usually are found in the ureters and the kidneys and are heralded by extreme pain here so they wouldn't likely get as far as the vaginal area. It'd still be advisable to see your Dr. About this as it might be something else. Good luck.

I have had kidney stones in the past I have one kidney stone in my right kidney 6mmpainkillers not working?

Seek medical Tx. If you know you have a kidney stone, and your pain is unable to be relieved, you should seek medical attention, as the stone may cause a dangerous back up of fluid into your kidney, etc. Best wishes.
Kidney stones. Although stones in the kidney are rarely painful, it is possible that a stone has left your kidney and is in the ureter creating ureteral colic. You may need a ct scan or ivp x-ray to determine the position of the stone.

If I have kidney stones what are some of the food I should stay away from? .......And food could help pass out the stone?

Depends. Overall I would recommend increasing water intake and avoiding too much high protein and high calcium intake unless instructed to by your doctor. Most stones are calcium based as well as uric acid based from too much protein. Dehydration sets the stage though and should avoid too much caffeine or alcohol which can dehydrate you. Gout is another risk factor along with parathyroid disease as well.
See below. Generally speaking, patients with calcium kidney stones should attempt to increase fluid intake to make a minimum of 2.5 quarts of urine per day, reduce sodium (salt) intake and reduce animal protein intake (serving=deck of cards) and maintain a normal intake of dietary calcium, as avoidance can increase stone risk. Other specific advice may be tailored to your specific situation.
Kidney stones. Stay away from high oxalate foods: some are beets, spinach, rhubarb, strawberries, nuts, chocolate, tea, wheat bran, and all dry beans (fresh, canned, or cooked), excluding lima and green beans. It is best to avoid these foods. Also limit salt and limit animal protein. Taking in high amounts of lemonade or lemon extract from ReaLemon 4 tablespoons per day will help tremendously.

I've got kidney stones some small ones which I'm passing but got alot of blood and also blood around the stone and also I've got bigger ones? Help

Renal stones. You need to increase your fluid intake to at least seight pints of water daily. I would also consult with a urologist in case one of your larger stones gets stuck in a ureter.