What are important warning signs to look for in the newborn in the first 48 hours?

Stable transition. The first 48 hours of life are important for the newborn in making the transition to "real life." most infants who run into difficulties do so in areas related to breathing and or feeding. Breathing patterns in newborns are not the same as adults but while you are in the hospital if you have any concerns please let your healthcare providers know. Poor feeding may also be an issue to address.
Stable transition. The newborn must transition to the outside & do work previously done by mom. They learn to keep their body warm (97-99). They breath often enough to replace needed oxygen (30-60/min). They eat vigerously enough to wet diapers every 6hrs. Their heart beats fast enough (80-160+/min) to move the blood. Failure to keep in thease zones may signal a problem.