I have this flare up on my skin affecting the right side of right buttock it is like little raised bumps that look like mosquito bites it itches bad I have tried anti iitch creams nothing is working?

A few possibilities. If you have been exposed to new substances, this could be plain old contact dermatitis; try to find what might be irritating your skin. Shingles would be a bad case scenario to maybe get checked out. The worst case scenario would be a recurrent rash like that which could represent herpes on your rear end that keep coming on over and over: Valtrex (valacyclovir) would be the treatment for that or the shingles.
Sjogren related. I noted you stated you have sjogren disease. This is an autoimmune disease, which in many patients means they will have lupus like symptoms or other autoimmune diseases. There are many different rashes related to vasculitis, and the itching sounds like it may be one of these. You should seek the help of a dermatologist, and specifically state you have sjogren syndrome, with skin disease.