What is the best medication or remedies for cramps and nausea during monthly periods?

Naprosyn, (naproxen) heat. Other remedies for menstrual cramping can include naprosyn (naproxen) started a day or two before the bleeding begins. Heating pads or a heat patch worn under your clothes may also help relieve cramps. Dramamine or benedryl may help with nausea, but might make you sleepy.
Cramping. When you get your monthly cycle and experience nausea and pain nsaids, like Ibuprofen taken 1 day before the cycle starts can help with this symptoms. You have to be carefull to take always 2 pills of Ibuprofen with lots of water and food. Take pills every 6-8 hrs as needed. Prilosec may help if you need to take nsaids quite often. Birth controll pills also may work even better. You decide which one.