What is something you feel someone should know before getting breast implants?

Review the pros,cons. Please review the fda.Gov website regarding breast implants. Getting implants for reconstruction or cosmetic is a very serious decision. There is now a rare lymphoma (cancer) associated with implants. Mri's of implants are necessary every 2-3 years to check for silent rupture. Implants eventually need to be replaced perhaps every 10+yrs or sooner. You don't see too many men w/silicone penises.
Risks and benefits. As with any surgery a patient should be aware of the risks- with implants this is mostly risk of contracture (1-4%). There is a very small risk of bleeding or infection (very rare), and risk of implant malposition or asymmetry.
Needs massage. It is very serious. After implants are placed massaging them every day is a way of preventing scar tissue formation, there is a special technique for massage that your plastic surgeon will explain to you.
Information... Women should undergo breast augmentation surgery only after they have fully educated themselves about the pros/cons as well as potential risk/complications associated with breast surgery. They should also be aware that additional surgery is more likely, than not, after undergoing breast augmentation surgery.
Implants. Most women love their implants but i think they don't think about the fact that they aren't going to last forever and eventually they will need to be removed or replaced. Women need to plan financially for that eventual surgery or surgeries down the road.